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    The Leadership Trust? Vision

    ~Always unfolding as we create to meet future needs while serving the present with distinction~

    Our founding president, the late Dr. Jim Farr, envisioned creating a national non-profit association to build and organize leaders and promote leadership as a trusted profession (see History for details), but nobody ever envisioned his untimely death.? Our top-quality board (Original founding board members) remained determined to see The Leadership Trust? sustain its vision of developing top-quality leadership and its practice, and thus an expanded vision was forged, one nevertheless sustainable with the fledgling start-up funds. It mandated we revamp to expand.

    Although no longer a membership organization, The Leadership Trust? as a for-profit organization continues to utilize both .org and .com, as so many long-term clients continue their familiar digital connections with us.?? But what has not changed is our vision of supporting the growth and viability of upwardly mobile leaders through a highly personalized, self-awareness/emotional intelligence focus. The only change within this focus is our methodology, as we adapt to support the shifting composition of today’s work force: Generations X, Y, and the dwindling Baby Boomers.

    Our vision, however, has expanded in two ways:

    a) to provide a distinguishing process that enables The Leadership Trust? to continue providing satisfaction-guarantees to all current and future services, and
    b) to include comprehensive areas of expertise under the umbrella of leadership development training by expanding and adjusting faculty membership.

    This is to say that upon developing one’s leadership prowess such that it works across three generations and across all company settings, training must continue within the realms of management / leadership training, business communication training, and executive/ life skills development, all within a comprehensive manner to cover all goals, needs, and expectations for business growth, employee wellbeing, and family wellbeing (the latter due to “work affects home, and home affects work”).

    Always evolving, we have met the aforementioned vision by 1) providing a distinguishing, guaranteed executive leadership training program (i.e., Personalized Leadership Development Program? or PLDP), in which processes cultivated through our president’s internship at Duke Medical Center allows our facilitators to work at root cause. ?This is our unique contribution within the leadership development industry.

    President Latty-Mann served on the grass roots committee for holistic, integrative medicine at Duke during the mid-1990s and translated its approach into processes that support leadership growth and development, working once again at root-cause level. This results in permanent, positive change rather than someone experiencing a transient workshop high.

    The second expansion our original vision described above continues to evolve whereby our customized team-building summits incorporate focus on the individual, team, and organizational levels. After all, how can you expect a culture shift if the leadership team isn’t shifting accordingly, and this takes change at the root cause level of the individual. We are humbly proud to have excelled in carrying out this vision that supports our clients on their company turf, eliminating the need to travel to North Carolina.

    Consider the tipping point:? When enough key players experience a 180° in behaviors that earlier had threatened their ability to unleash their full potential, a culture change ensues.

    What’s unfolding now as we type and you read? Our Center for Life and Living, envisioned and later legally created as a DBA in 2000: Although the infrastructure itself is in its fledgling stages, the professionals involved have been practicing the various offerings for decades, bridging traditional medicine with credentialed, licensed alternatives. This vision was birthed upon recognizing there are too many managers and executives compartmentalizing their life, thinking they can separate home from work in an unrealistic manner. Point being, one cannot separate work from home because wherever you go, there you are!

    Work absolutely does impact home, as does home impact work. Relationship and couples workshops continue to be offered, only now they are a part of our Center for Life and Living. Interestingly, our president, Dr. Holly Latty-Mann, wrote her dissertation on mate selection, which delved into the importance of the role our subconscious plays. Because leadership researchers continue to draw upon the work of attraction researchers, it’s one more testament to how the content of our subconscious is key to permanent positive change. Early family dynamics have been proven a rich source of our subconscious workings, yet it’s good to know that one need not conjure up early memories for insights. It does not have to work that way. Change, even powerful change, should culminate in relief and other positive emotions.

    You have a personal and private life because people outside of work hold a special place in your heart. You have your health you wish to maintain and improve. You have hopes, dreams, fears, and the courageous pursuit to balance all of that. It is a part of your leadership profile, because your personality is the instrument of your leadership.? Likewise, when you go home, your same personality becomes the instrument of your love-ship. And your personality – aka your delivery system – is only as good as your “temperature” reading of your holistic, integrative self. The mission of the Center is to support the natural alignment of your Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit.

    Another beauty of the Center is there is no probing to share your personal life. We meet you wherever you are comfortable. We are already addressing our leadership workshop participants in this holistic, integrative manner as evidenced by the testimonials speaking to the impact both personally and professionally in one’s life.

    While our combination vision/mission is to be and remain in the top 1% of quality leadership training providers in our country, our vision seeks the same distinction on a global level in view of our strong track record with our international clients to date.

    Every other year, a random selection of past and current clients from our data base is surveyed to assess sustainability of program benefits.? Suggestions are elicited from these data gathering conference calls so that we can incorporate improvements to our ever-evolving services.?? Our goal also includes maintaining no less than 95% of all graduates describing our hallmark program, the Personalized Leadership Development Program?, as their best professional and personal development training throughout their career. Although our current rate is 98%, by taking appropriate risks to expand and grow, we may create some margin of gain and loss while maintaining a highly respectable percentage regarding the aforementioned evaluation ratings.

    Finally, and in honor of the legacy of our founding President, the late Dr. Jim Farr, our goal is to pass the torch to someone with a non-profit background to renew with vigor the establishment of a non-profit leadership organization. This vision would encompass the following articles:

    • To provide a membership organization for ongoing interaction and communication among professional leaders
    • To facilitate the defining of a Body of Knowledge and Standards of Training appropriate for certification of professional leaders
    • To facilitate the establishment of the American Professional Leadership Association
    • To work for necessary and appropriate government support and regulation of the leadership-element
    • To facilitate the formulation of a Leadership Code of Ethics and to create national acceptance of it in the minds of leaders and associates alike, and
    • To influence universities to provide, for those who enter the profession of leadership, a strong degree of management leadership training and business communication training. Such training should go well beyond the managerial leadership skills now taught and should place more emphasis on the development of the personal psychological qualities and skills of humanistically powerful interpersonal leadership.
    • We consciously acknowledge and thus practice ethical principles among all staff members within our leadership organization and thus incorporate ethics in how we approach developing leaders, which not only includes content but the delivery process itself.

    We welcome your input as we strive to serve you better, [email protected].


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