• Teambuilding & Organizational Development

    We Grow People, Teams, and Organizations…

    …and in order to do that, we collaborate with you to establish a clear everyday working knowledge of ?you, your team, and your organization. Without that, our gifts and talents would otherwise be restricted.? We learn and respect not only your choice of preferred communication media, but also your choice of degree of engagement, one in which we create your desired ROI.

    We collect data online (and anonymously when optimal for the project in question) through both customized and standardized instruments to measure where you are, where you need to be, and thus determine quickest route to bridge that gap.? Ultimately what you get is an unbeatable benchmark for optimal growth and development by packing in a lot of value within a short timeframe backed by a guarantee for results.

    We put as much focus and dedication into the planning and development phase as we do the delivery, thereby ensuring we not just meet, but exceed your expectations for whatever the customized service you have chosen. For a one-page quick review-menu of our various offerings, visit our abbreviated menu.

    Growing Your Human Talent at the Individual, Team, and/or Organizational levels

    Developing your human talent at the Individual level:

    Your degree of self-awareness and emotional intelligence is highly correlated with the degree to which others regard you as trustworthy. We are in the business of trust, engendering people and teams with an infusion of trustworthiness such that a culture shift is a palpable experience. It’s gratifying to hear people say they genuinely like the person they got to know as themselves. In some ways it’s simply a matter of getting back to who you are before you started working so hard to create a certain image or “act of leadership”. That is why you hear all that leadership jargon and buzz words about authenticity.

    You cannot achieve this state of social knowingness or being at one with yourself through assessments and readings. While knowledge gained from assessments and feedbacks is indeed useful, permanent positive change requires certain processes designed to drive this material to what we call root-cause level. You can liken this to a medical model whereby everyone wants whatever is hurting to get fixed at the level of disease, not mere symptoms, so that the problem does not reoccur. Likewise, our job is to help you identify and nip in the bud that which may be unknowingly sabotaging you from attaining your full success ratio.

    Talk with us regarding whether you wish to engage in one-on-one coaching (in person, by phone, or video conferencing for executive, business, and/or life skills issues), or attend our hallmark?Personalized Leadership Development Program™,?(within which is subsumed our Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop), ?or receive a customized package from which you choose from a menu that spans offerings across all programs and services (e.g., leadership impact study), including our Center for Life and Living.

    To get the ball rolling on a personalized program designed just for you and where you are right now in your life, simply describe briefly here?what you want to change, experience, and/or have. Our job is to respond with a menu customized according to your expressed needs with enough options to allow for a best-fit approach to support whatever your needs and budget.

    Strengthening Your Human Talent on the Team Level:

    Cohesive, collaborative teams distinguish themselves by having higher trust levels among all the different team members. Because teams are comprised of people representing an assortment of personalities and dispositions, teambuilding programs are most effective when focus is at both the level of the individual as well as the level of the team. Your team, after all, is only as good as its weakest link.

    Working with intact teams does require a special sensitivity so as to avoid self-consciousness and unintended misperceptions.? It is therefore critical that everyone’s dignity is honored, and the atmosphere feels and is safe. You should never have to worry that a feedback process within a team setting would single out any one person from another. Rather, you want a process in which feedback creates a sense that we are all in this together. Finally, and this is an important point – you want a process that yields a healthy tension, otherwise, a teambuilding program offering only “fun and games” puts you at risk for a transient “workshop high.”? Invariably such a program cannot guarantee lasting change at both the individual and team levels.

    It is both an art and a science to create an optimally healthy tension within a teambuilding session such that everyone is stimulated to stretch their mental, emotional, business, psychological, and spiritual muscles. Only when everyone is thus engaged can change take place. This is precisely why we guarantee our work and thus your ROI.? You see, we are intensely invested in the satisfaction of making a viable difference for people, teams, and organizations –for not only your team but ours as well. It also explains our history of long-term clients since the inception of our company back in the 1990s. Happy clients tend to be repeat clients who spread the word, and we thrive on earning and keeping your trust.

    Aside from communication, personality, and leadership models, your team will experience exercises designed to create greater trust, cohesion, and collaboration. As a sneak peak, imagine an exercise that is based on results from a standardized assessment that is popular within the leadership development industry, and resultantly you get to watch your team members start understanding and appreciating the nature of all the different personality nuances surrounding them. More importantly, as a result of this one retreat exercise, you soon find everyone back in the office is starting to make constructive use of those communication differences, especially as it relates to decision-making and problem-solving. Important: While the instrument itself is well known within the leadership development industry, this group exercise is not well known yet highly desired, enjoyed, and rated for its profound effectiveness.

    The practicality of starting a teambuilding retreat by first strengthening your human talent at both the individual and team levels, is that you are now in a position to put everyone’s heightened knowledge and awareness – and thus improved communication skills – to use by engaging in a predetermined organizational development project such that managerial aspects of operations and administration receive attention in a more collaborative, trust-based manner.

    We engage you in exercises that strengthen the team itself as described both above and below such that you can experience a palpable difference at your very next management meeting. This is described in further detail below under Growing Your Organization.

    Then there are those who want their teams to simply have fun together. We can support that, too. Certainly at the very least you want to be making meaningful human connections among yourselves while having fun such that you are nurturing a sense of trust even among those whose relationships are described as distant. You further want to deepen everyone’s self-awareness and emotional intelligence while garnering insights as to what makes both you and your fellow team members tick.

    It may be you also plan a social happy hour for later once the actual teambuilding is over, perhaps including everyone’s significant other. The important thing is that we discuss in full all the aforementioned possibilities such that what you envision gets articulated to your satisfaction in a follow-up proposal, then executed once again to your desired satisfaction and budget.

    Growing and Strengthening Your Human Talent at the Organizational Level:

    Independent of the strength of your leadership, you still must ensure your operational and administrative processes and systems are functioning at an optimal level. In other words, great leadership is for naught if management concerns remain a major issue. Therefore, we work with you to enrich simultaneously your work associates as leaders AND managers.

    A combinational managerial-leadership customized program culminates in ongoing organizational projects designed to optimize the takeaways from the team retreat.? Mentioned earlier, a teambuilding retreat can incorporate organizational development by including opportunities to engage in problem solving exercises involving real-life operational and/or administrative challenges.

    Here is an example of an online anonymous measure that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete that speaks to what’s working and what’s not working?both operationally and administratively.?( to the retreat, we engage in factor analysis and data management following the data collection, but rather than spoon-feed the results, we instead allow you as a team to reach your own conclusions, all under our guidance and support. After all, you are the ones with the daily working knowledge of your objectives, goals, and mission.

    Those in the past who have opted for a teambuilding session that includes the organizational development piece, often remark that the team collaborated at its best ever due to the prior focus on individual and team development. Team members are essentially showcasing how they wish to engage others based upon their earlier feedback. In a sense you can say that we are now test driving what we had learned earlier and resultantly get to discover that our best work is always produced through more self-aware and emotionally intelligent lenses. The by-product of the teamwork is a manual factor analysis that determines specifically where the focus would best yield heightened company morale, productivity, and growth.

    Finally, it may be your budget can only accommodate the benefits of a data collection regarding what’s working and not working without having to engage a consultant.? There are two options within this parameter, the first of which delivers the data in raw format, while the second option delivers the data formatted for ease in determining priorities through shared observations. We further have payment plans and other ways to make affordable these services designed to grow your people, your team, and your organization. Once again, visit our abbreviated menu, and confer with us at no charge.

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