• Personalized Leadership Development Program™

    Personalized Leadership Development Program™

    All personalized leadership development programs are?Self-Awareness Based and Emotional-Intelligence Focused.



    The Personalized Leadership Development Program™ (PLDP) is a tuition-guaranteed, intensive, immersive leadership development program with an impressive history ?that helps explain in part our unusually strong video and signature testimonials . We offer a 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day PLDP, depending upon the level of intensity and subsequent change you desire. The above overview of these three leadership development programs show in detail how the longer days subsume the shorter ones.

    If you have not already reviewed what you can accomplish and expect from your Personalized Leadership Development Program™, you may want to print out to read this important PLDP Accomplishments/Expectations.

    As the word “personalized” suggests, all programs are tailored to your unique needs, challenges, and goals, and thus class size is limited to typically less than ten attendees to allow for ample one-on-one attention. The class size also lends itself nicely to team-size, and there is a certain hands-on quality the attendees experience as they watch themselves as a group of total strangers within 36 hours form a group bond of a nature such that they see how it is feasible for them to return and do the same with their own team members back at work.

    It’s a funny thing all this talk about self-awareness, when everyone knows it’s really all about other-awareness. Then again, who wants to attend an other-awareness workshop when there’s no one more fascinating than you? On a more serious note, indeed the best way to understand what makes other people tick is to understand what makes us tick, and the best way to do that is experientially. We therefore blend 1) theory with practicality as well as 2) the academic with right-brain influences, and we do this by subsuming the Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop within all our PLDPs™.

    By making self-awareness processes the core of all programs, our purpose is to help you connect your head with your heart or more accurately, your right brain with your left.? For you intellects out there, you may like the idea of having your intelligence perceived by others as having been ramped up a notch of two. Because this program tends to attract very bright, high functioning individuals, those who attend find self-awareness creates a social knowingness that wasn’t there before, and this is what inflates the perceived level of intelligence. Likewise, if someone were average in intelligence but high in self-awareness, they are inclined to be perceived as highly intelligence.

    In short, when self-awareness is operating at a high level, it’s safe to say an optimal left-brain/right brain hemispheric interplay is in effect. To offer some clarity to this concept, how often have you heard someone say something along the lines of, “I get it intellectually but I can’t quite make the emotional connection,” all the while keenly aware that the ability to do so would create a breakthrough experience? Although many of the workshop components are by-products of rigorous research findings and other academic must-haves, the actual processes within the Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence Workshop portion of the PLDP™ are designed to stimulate one’s right brain to help moderate the negative aspects of one’s left brain.

    Regardless of what may be holding you back from unleashing your full human potential, the processes within each program have been designed to get at root cause which allows for permanent positive change. Facilitated by doctoral level psychologists with a strong business background, the self-awareness portion of each workshop nevertheless allows you to determine the depth and breadth of discovery and recovery you wish to experience thereby resulting in commensurate degrees of leadership credibility, presence, and overall efficiency /effectiveness. It’s also important to add that all workshop facilitators have all done extensive personal work and would offer that this is what best distinguishes their effectiveness in being a change broker for others. Yes, education credentials are nice, as are decades of business experience, but without living and walking their talk, all that would be for naught.

    Perhaps you’ve noticed in the testimonials a lot of graduates share how they are now a better, husband, wife, father, mother, adult child, and friend on top of their professional roles as a direct result of this program. Because work affects home, and home affects work, you just can’t compartmentalize your life, no matter how hard you may try to do that. Gallup poll in December, 2012 came out with a report saying how important it is for employees to acknowledge their home dynamics are impacting their work relationships. “Wherever you go, there you are!” This program ensures whatever gets tweaks within you, it will improve your interpersonal relationships dynamics regardless of social milieu.

    Your job is to enhance your ability to value, grow, motivate, and inspire your employees and family members, which entails optimizing your personality – or delivery system – because if certain others who are important in your life do not like your style of communicating, you are already experiencing a leadership and/or “love-ship” crisis. People whom you wish to retain and productively engage in both your professional and personal life have a need to feel meaningfully connected to you. This takes emotional intelligence and self-awareness. There are no short-cuts. You have to go to the next deeper level before you can go to the next higher level.

    Through this leadership training program you’ll learn how to get people to want to follow and support your lead while contributing their motivated best. You will learn what you can do to have people feel good about themselves when interacting with you – even when receiving negative feedback from you. When people feel good about themselves around you, independent of whether conditions around you are stressful or not, they will give you their best. In short, it is not so much how others perceive you as a leader as it is how they perceive themselves in your presence. After all, that is the only way a person can ultimately feel good about you as their leader.

    Finally, for those opting for the full enchilada, our hallmark 5-day Personalized Leadership Development Program, you will receive a 4-week, post-workshop accountability program in which you have your own accountability buddy. Your facilitator will also travel through these 4 weeks with you. Because research shows it takes 21-30 days to jell a new attitude, feeling, behavior, or belief, The Leadership Trust? is committed to see you to the very end. This is why all our programs are tuition-guaranteed, and we share with a humble pride that not a single graduate has ever asked for even a partial refund.

    In closing, to summarize what you walk away with through this personalized leadership development program, you’ll learn to:

    • Use yourself as the instrument of your leadership; i.e., use your personality, perspective, and behavior to create the kind of humanistically powerful leadership traits that invigorate others,
    • Apply the principles of motivation to create effective, energized relationships,
    • Learn what leadership style motivates Generations X and Y and what could be demotivating about your own style, whether the old authoritarian style of leadership or not,
    • Understand and manage optimally the leadership process despite the nature of your pressing challenges,
    • Hone your emotional intelligence in order to maintain your competitive edge in our fast-shifting market place, and
    • Optimize your communication style through a personal transformational process such that others are more likely to connect meaningfully with you both at work and at home, and
    • Experience inner peace within, a quiet joy, a social knowingness that offers a confident outlook on life.

    All this is about authenticity, and The Leadership Trust? goes so far as to say that authenticity is your birth right, and thus it is time for you to reclaim and recover it.

    Who Attends:

    Whether managers/executives from traditional organizations, PMPs, Agile, Scrum, or DEFT, participants in this hallmark leadership training program are purposefully a mix of (in)experienced executives, managers and staff leaders from a broad range of organizations representing a diversity of functions therein, a mixture that has passed the test of time and lessons learned to create the most robust outcomes and results. After all, and for an example, CFOs must work with others beyond the financial arena and throughout different tiers and departments within the organization and beyond.

    Also, it is not unusual for someone recently promoted and now managing those who had once been their peers to walk away with a newfound confidence to support and grow their reports without that earlier self-consciousness that had once plagued them. Additionally, seasoned executives who are motivated to raise their bar due to greater responsibilities both within their organization and out there in the community, have found that “sweet spot” in their heightened social awareness/intelligence, something we refer to as their “intuitive social knowingness” that cinches the buy-in they seek from all important stakeholders and prospects.

    This Personalized Leadership Training Program™ goes beyond what mainstream management training courses offer in that it uses special processes to promote a smooth and natural-feeling re-entry when you return to work following this program. That’s because the growth is not due to a greater knowledge base but rather a meaningful internal shift onto a higher plane of awareness and knowingness, a place of confident calm.

    Imagine yourself fully feeling like a leader rather than using up all that energy acting like one.

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