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    When I compare this workshop to other professional and personal development programs I have attended, this workshop is the best by so much more than I can put into words. I feel like this week of my life ranks in the top 5 life-changing events of my existence. The transformation in my ability to connect with people is beyond what I can explain. Holly is quite simply the most perceptive person I have ever met, and her methods to break through my emotional shell were so remarkably effective, I feel blessed for having met her.

    Chris Raglin Program Manager , Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

    Note.?This letter was written to Dr. Tom Hill, CEO & President of Hill’s Angels Coaching and Founder of The Eagle Summit.

    January 22, 2019

    Hello Tom,

    I wanted to take a few moments to describe the experience I had with Dr. Holly Latty-Mann and Leadership Trust.? It was truly an extraordinary, life-changing experience for me.? Midway through the workshop, I told Dr. Holly that I was prepared to give her my feedback.? I said, “If every human being could experience this, we would achieve world peace in short order.”? That is a fact!

    I experienced a very traumatic childhood and have spent 50 years overcoming it.? Before attending this workshop, I continued to struggle in certain areas and situations.? Which negatively impacted me both personal and professionally.? I learned that some obstacles are placed before us and some are self-imposed.? In a single week with Dr. Holly, I acquired the tools and understanding to overcome any obstacle.? My personal and professional outlook has been forever changed for the better.

    No matter the level success you are currently enjoying, I recommend this training to the highest degree possible.? If you are stuck, it will get you unstuck.? If you are already a high achiever, it will help you reach heights beyond what you have previously imagined.? I promise that you will walk away stunned and amazed at the transformation that has taken place inside of you.

    Best wishes,

    Dr. Charlie

    Dr. Charlie Cartwright CEO, People Success Labs

    I have hiked more than 5000 miles and flown more than 5 million miles in my life, but it took this experience with this workshop to truly find myself. When the breakthrough occurred, I fully believe I can now feel better, be better, and live better. Thank you for this gift. I will now be a more effective leader.

    Mike Rutkowski VP of Manufacturing, QuVa Pharma, Inc.

    The personalized level of attention and focus was incredible. The entire process was very well orchestrated. Understanding the process of this course makes it difficult for me to provide recommendations for improvement. Thanks to Doc Holly and Rachel for making this an amazing experience.

    John Schuck Information Technology Specialist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

    If you want to see a direct relationship between increased trust and improved bottom line, The Leadership Trust? has an intellectual property like a fool-proof recipe. I could actually experience a profound change within each of my team members and thus my senior management team, which ultimately created a culture change, the latter of which earned us a huge monetary gift from corporate in addition to a prestigious leadership award. Additionally, I shall never be the same. Learning about being in the moment was huge, but learning the how behind it was monumental. I have found peace in my life and now I want to continue that journey and expand upon that.


    Allen Peters CEO, Valley View Medical Center (later, Raleigh General Hospital)

    “I came back with a whole new set of lenses on who I am and how I am perceived by others. I have seen some amazing change in me, and it is also being seen by others, especially those who work closely with me. It’s amazing that in one week with a complete group of strangers how this program made such a huge impact on me and my life.”

    Todd Kippel Sr. Manager - Technical Sales & Customer Engagement, Therma-Tru Doors

    Changed me from the inside out. Has made me aware of what life is really about. I am a better leader and a better person for completing this workshop.

    John D. Jacobs Manager - Strategic Manufacturing, Abbott Laboratories

    I’ve learned more about myself and who “I am” in the last 5 days than I have in the last 35 years. This experience has been intensely eye-opening.

    Kassy Davis Senior HR Manager, Therma-Tru Doors

    We business owners invest in equipment and buildings but invest little to nothing in the development of our people. If we could only measure the difference in productivity between low morale and high morale we would all do more. Developing leaders who authentically care about people has transformed our business. The cost for The Leadership Trust training is nothing compared to the rewards in our workplace. We have sent nearly 100 people since the late 1990s.

    Dale Moore CEO, Moore's Electric and Mechanical

    I attended this workshop in November of 2015. I went into it with an open mind but wondered what was so significant about this “tool” that would give me more insight into leadership that I hadn’t already learned in my 32 years in the workforce….I wish I could have gone through this experience with Holly 25 years ago. My life is completely changed (I’m 51)! My employees are so much happier, my relationship with my family has improved 10 fold! Participate. HR folks, send your leadership teams. Put it in the budget! The guarantee of your ROI is evident the moment your leaders return to work. (Posted on TLT FB, January 15, 2017)

    Connie Frankart Shoemaker Manufacturing Maintenance Supervisor, RR Donnelley

    If you would have asked me prior to attending the PLDP did I think I would change my way of thinking, I’m sure I would have said “heck no!” In retrospect, I probably could be the poster child for this program. “I drank the kool-aid.” Before the program I considered my no-nonsense, driven style as part of how I showed dedication to my company. While my dedication now is every bit as strong if not stronger, I see evidence that my more relaxed demeanor is contributing to team dynamics that are more trust-based and cohesive. Every day I see proof that “less is more” – being LESS hard-driving equals MORE productive collaborating and higher morale for everyone including me. Additionally, I physically feel better. My back and shoulder pain from the stress I was carrying is now gone. My mind is calm and no longer constantly reeling from the simultaneous thoughts of “who, what, where, when and why” . PLDP has dramatically helped my home life in the sense that I am more patient and considerate with my spouse. My life is now peaceful.




    Rachel Mitchell Director of Client Development and Relations, Applied Medical Systems, Inc.

    Before attending the workshop with The Leadership Trust?, I couldn’t even pay a potential customer to meet with me; now my agenda is so booked up with meetings, it is crazy.

    John Leary HVAC/R Sales Representative, Moore's Electric and Mechanical

    The Leadership Trust and especially Dr. Latty-Mann’s skills as a facilitator & trainer are extraordinary! The session I had with her was a major event in my life and has had a long-lasting positive influence on my life, both professionally and personally.

    I cannot thank you, Holly, enough for what you opened up inside of me. I continue to be a big fan of yours and admire The Leadership Trust’s work.

    Ken Middaugh, PhD Associate Dean, Wake Forest University Schools of Business

    I have devoted a significant amount of time and effort in the past 10 years studying leadership. I have methodically studied each leading and popular author, including the classic management authors and the biographies of world leaders.? The list is long, including Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, John Maxwell, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Jeffrey Fox just to name a few.? Add to this the classics of Peter Drucker and Dale Carnegie, and the biographies of great leaders such as Ronald Reagan, Rudy Guillani, Jack Welch, and Steve Jobs and it becomes clear the time and efforts I have put in to my leadership development.? In addition to these, I have participated yearly in 360 reviews and have studied from such diverse theories as the Five Factor Personality model, Myers-Briggs model and more.? I take my development seriously and see it as a conduit to ascend the corporate ladder. None of these books, studies, or assessments prepared me for Dr. Latty-Mann’s program.
    Dr. Latty-Mann’s program doesn’t discount the other leadership methods. It does reach a fundamental level that delves into some hard hitting realities that brings insights not available in any other context. Dr. Latty-Mann’s program gets to the essence of what makes you tick. I see clearly the effect my core programming has had on my family and relationships, both personally and professionally.? Based on this we developed a clear, specific plan to get to the next level both in business and in my personal life. The results were, are, and will continue to be life changing.? ?I am forever grateful for these insights and my ‘moment of clarity’ that remains a life-altering event for me.




    Jon Babek Director of Business Development, JC Steele & Sons

    Last night (February 18, 2016), I called my former boss who sent me to the program in year 2000 and thanked him for the wonderful gift of the PLDP. It totally changed my life.

    Mark M. (Note. If you would like to talk with this graduate, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with him.),

    Case in point for “impacting relationships to impact bottom line”: Our revenue grew by 60%, our income grew by 149% …These are tangible, real, take-it-to-the-bank-and-cash-the-check results.

    David Noel CEO, Dual Temp

    Aside from creating the freedom to reach for excellence in leadership and in life, I no longer have asthma. I had been spending several hundred dollars a month on asthma medication and have now been breathing naturally and effortlessly since the PLDP workshop I attended several years ago.

    Rick Jess VP, Merchandising Millwork Products, Lowe's Companies, Inc

    As an executive coach, I have found that my clients may need a more rapid approach, an intervention, to enable change in behaviors that put their careers at risk. Rather than try to do this myself, which isn’t my forte, I enroll the services of The Leadership Trust. Recently I suggested a client take the Trust’s week-long training. These are her words after attending: “Life changing, transformative, tremendous, super-duper, fantastic, exhausting, reinvigorating, stupendous, exhilarating, and more.” Going through this process has helped her to get to a new level of awareness so that our coaching is much more productive. I suggest other coaches look to The Leadership Trust as an additional resource to help their clients make changes fast. Do what’s right for the client.

    Corliss McGinty President, SoftSolutions Consulting

    The most powerful week of my life. The second day mid-day exercise was more powerful than watching the birth of my two children.

    James Glenn President, Glenn Eagle Lending (Former Sales Manager of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage)

    Note. With regard to James Glenn’s testimonial above, a subsequent graduate offered the following comment:

    As I read the testimonials on the website before attending the PLDP, I was in disbelief. There was one in particular that I felt was bogus… It was an individual that claimed this workshop was more powerful than watching the birth of his two children. Although there is nothing more important to me than my children, I can understand now where this sentiment came from. There is NOTHING that you could have done prior to my experiencing this workshop that I would feel this way. I have built in a very short period of time some bonds with my group that I truly feel will last a lifetime. I have learned and reconnected with who I am, the person I like.

    Shahin Pirooz EVP and CTO, CenterBeam

    I have attended many leadership and industry courses, seminars and workshops including ones that “focus” on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and greatness. I have never had an experience like this and feel I just went from playing t-ball to playing in the Major Leagues. I have unlocked that which was holding me back, and a direct result will be improved morale, productivity and creativity across my company. This is a life changing experience.

    Shahin Pirooz EVP and CTO, CenterBeam

    Sometime during the final day of the PLDP with Doc Holly and our group, I became acutely aware that much of the rubble and rubbish I had been carrying for the last several years was cleared away and out of my mind and heart. That morning I found myself less anxious & ready to embrace that day as well as the ones to come… moving away from my old self-centered approach and methods – and into a free and joyful embrace of my ‘true-self’ as a servant-leader. The sense of this was a lightening of some heavy weights that had lodged in the deeper parts of me, and being set free from that weight was liberating to say the least. My awareness that I had essentially been lacking in TRUST in myself and most importantly the Lord who loves me was profound, and my mind heart and soul saw how this had negatively infected the ways I had been relating to others. AS this awareness rose, and freedom from fear became very real in me, I was honestly Surprised by JOY.. to borrow a CS Lewis title. So the GIFT of this week @ PLDP has been a true and deep blessing to me and I am confident that my wife, family and working partners will also be blessed as I move with a renewed heart of compassion and strength. Lastly – it’s wonderful to know that this is not a passing fancy – but a deep and lasting change in my inner being. Because of that I am moving into a truly enriching and exciting future. Thank you Holly!

    John Sanders VP Sales and Marketing, SonicAire

    I loved the warm, positive atmosphere. The PLDP could have been used as a forum for humiliation and shame and negative energy, but Dr. Latty-Mann’s finesse and compassion instead make it a completely welcoming and positive environment filled with loving honesty.

    Leslie Baynes PMP, Engineering & Global Key Account Manager, AKG of America

    I was diagnosed with Adult ADD last year and despite a treatment plan, I am easily distracted and remain challenged when it comes to focusing. I worried that a multi-day leadership program would be overwhelming for me and end up feeling like a chore. Instead, it was exhilarating, and for the first time I felt normal regarding focus, ability to follow and stay engaged. The way the course is paced and unfolds could not have been better. The best part of it all is that I have been able to bring this back to my company as well as back home with my family. My productivity level is at its best, and my wife noted that she can see I am “present” with her and our two boys. I am more patient now. I am at peace.

    Name withheld by request ,

    Note. The following graduate co-authored Inspired to Success with Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield et al.

    My five days in the Personalized Leadership Development Program were life-changing. First, Dr. Holly’s powerful program cleared and released lingering grief I hadn’t acknowledged. Then, it finished aligning my heart and soul, so that I could fully accept, and proudly be my very unique self. As a result, I have become profoundly more effective in coaching the CEOs and entrepreneurs who come to me. And, through my teleseminar program that now reaches a worldwide audience, my subscribers tell me that their lives are also transforming. Thus, I am affecting many more lives than I had ever expected to touch. Thank you, Dr. Holly, for your incredible gift of the PLDP!

    Stephanie Slavin Master Wealth Coach and Managing Director, QUANTUM LEAP

    I am no longer a skeptic about the role of self-awareness as a viable intervention for headaches, a painful distraction I had consistently struggled with since my college years. Finding the ability to prevent my headaches alone was a wonderful gift as a part of this unique, life-changing leadership workshop. It has greatly improved both my professional and personal life. Thank you for the specifics regarding what is possible!

    Renee Redmond Human Resources, Clariant Corporation

    This program is an excellent foundation and complement to all other leadership workshops. This should be a requirement for all leaders.

    Karen Marshall Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

    To my biggest surprise, my mind seems more open to thought. It is not cluttered with other thoughts. It was almost like the thoughts in my head were in a traffic jam all the time before attending this workshop. Now, the multi-lane highway is open and my thoughts of what I am working on in the immediate moment are free to travel as fast as they need to without any traffic to compete with. ?As a result, I also make decisions more quickly and efficiently now.

    Pete Kimbell Service Desk Manager for Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America, Clariant Corporation

    I was not emotionally prepared for the wondrous gift that The Leadership Trust workshop gave me, yet it was this very gift that has me now emotionally engaged in life in a way not known to me before. For the first time in many years, I was able to hear “silence.” Over the years as an actuary, I was constantly ruminating on work-related challenges to the point that the constant chattering had kept me from experiencing what I now know as normal thinking, outside of which is a beautiful silence that allows me to relax and renew. After the workshop, two incidents made me aware that I had changed: first, I stepped out of my car and heard a very loud crackle. I had stepped on an acorn whose sound I had ignored for decades; second, I was sitting in my favorite chair in the den and I realized I was no longer trying to solve the challenges from work, but rather I was living in the moment. Ironically, however, it is when I am living in the moment that solutions can suddenly appear at times without involving the former chattering analytical work. The Leadership Trust workshop gave back the silence that I need to live in the present. I will always be grateful to Dr. Holly for this never-ending gift.

    Walter James Life & Health Actuary , North Carolina Department of Insurance

    The Leadership Trust? has impacted my life deeply and unexpectedly, well beyond any workshop I’ve ever attended and far above anything I could have predicted… it’s not describable in words. My work life, family life and relationships with friends are so much richer now and I’m able to experience the world around me in ways I’d long since forgotten. My faith was also renewed, almost tangibly. To compare a week at the prototypical leadership seminar to a week with Holly is like comparing a leisurely stroll in a park to a thrilling journey around the globe… they just don’t equate. If it were up to me, every one of my family, friends and team members would attend this life changing, renewing, uniquely ordained event.”

    Lawson Brown Director National Accounts - East, HD Supply

    My role in leadership training has given me exposure to – and allowed me to facilitate – many workshops targeted towards identifying and changing behavior to make leaders more effective. In five ‘short’ days The Leadership Trust? PLDP accomplished levels of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and understanding I have been striving towards for years. The PLDP is without any doubt the genuine article of transformational leadership development experiences. Better yet, these leadership development experiences are guaranteed to bring authenticity and humanity of leaders into the community and workplace.

    Ruth Beedle Field Development and Management Training, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

    I think this program should be required for all human beings – a pre-requisite for life, if you will. It allowed me to receive feedback in a way I never imagined. Through creating awareness into areas I had not considered, I was able to remove a life-long barrier and begin to see the real essence of who I am emerge. And it only gets better from here.

    Sheppard Lake Organizational Development , Cox Communications

    The Trust is not just about leadership; it is all about life, living and loving. You just can’t treat leadership in a vacuum. Not only did I learn a better way of doing this thing called “life,” I was also able to work through unresolved grief from the death of my mother that had taken place only a few months earlier. I now know in retrospect that I was probably slipping into a depression at the time I attended. It was through an exercise in the middle of this workshop that I had the opportunity to cry silently (crying is something “I just don’t do”) and emerged just minutes later with an uplifting sense of freedom that had eluded me for some time prior to this workshop. I now carry a lighter mental and emotional load, feel a profound sense of peace, sweet equilibrium, and calm. Most importantly, I know how to maintain this blessed state for a lifetime. I can say with confidence that this is a workshop that keeps on working.”

    Martina Gardner Woods CEO and Executive Chef, Catering to Your Wishes

    What The Leadership Trust? is bringing into the corporate world is so groundbreaking. The impact my workshop had on me was huge. The work we did together touched me at my core. What I’ve learned about myself has helped me chart my course both personally and professionally.

    Kevin Hickey Sales Leader, Military Fabrics, W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.

    Changed me from the inside out. Has made me aware of what life is really about. I am a better leader and a better person for completing this workshop.

    John D. Jacobs Strategic Manufacturing, Abbott Laboratories

    This was one of the 5 most important experiences in my life. This workshop is something you will decide to what degree you are willing to chew on and swallow, allowing you however many layers and levels you wish to visit within, thereby rewarding yourself according to the level of your decision. I made the decision to go for it, and my life has taken off like a jet stream both personally and professionally. I went from “an undefined place” to a highly focused, highly confident individual. I went from a company going out of business to a company with $25 billion in sales annually and am wildly excited about how I am contributing further to that bottom line. In summary, everyday I am mindful of the value of this workshop experience and continue to forge a highly meaningful, highly energized life and lifestyle. This workshop taught me how to make ALL life’s decisions moving forward–both business and personal. It has given me full license to be successful AND happy! In many respects, Dr. Holly Latty-Mann’s workshop was truly a life saver. Doing this sooner than later will only allow you to reap the rewards NOW! She should be charging thousands more, as it is undeniably priceless.

    Mary Barkley Account Executive for an International Company, (Note: Mary paid for her experience out of her own pocket prior to landing this career move!)

    This program really surfaced the issues that had impaired my ability to lead fully. What I liked best was the unique and out-of-the-box process to self-awareness and emotional intelligence that had the ability to get at the real issues, not the surface stuff. Each format was strategically placed to raise the probability of having a life-changing experience.

    Tom Patinella VP Sales/MW Region, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

    This workshop has had a huge impact on my life. Not only have my work relationships improved in ways I would not have expected in so short a period of time, but I no longer suffer daily migraines at work. I realize now they were caused by stress, which is something I can actually control. By controlling my stress, I control my migraines. It’s like having another lease on life, only this time with a genuine sense of freedom and joy.

    Donna Bowman Accounting Manager, CHC Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

    The workshop blew out all obstacles in my path to success with my business and also success in my family relationships. It has empowered me to actively make conscious choices to change “how I do life”. Thanks to your unique method of facilitating the 360+ process, I am confident that in all my interactions with others I will be acting from my “authentic self”.

    Marlene Pelligrino President, Andiamo Coaching and Training

    This dynamic experience creates not only an understanding but a knowingness regarding how to be a great leader and human being, and my action plan captures it succinctly and with confidence. I can now understand how a former graduate said to me that this workshop for him was the equivalent to years of therapy because of the steps he learned how to take. When people describe it as life-changing, they are not exaggerating. It is true.

    Christian Nantel VP, Finance & Administration, Clariant Corporation – Canada

    For the first time in 25- 30 years I really feel comfortable with myself. Not only has my career taken off since attending the PLDP three years ago, but I no longer stutter. Holly helped me identify the root cause of my stutter, which I had hidden from everyone I knew. Holly, my company thanks you, my family thanks you, my speaking ministry thanks you, and I sincerely thank you.

    Lee Halverson Sr. Financial Analyst, Grainger, Inc.

    No written words can describe the incredible life-changing impact this workshop has had on me and every person I interact with in the future.

    Keith Boatner Director IT, Abbott Molecular

    It takes a lot to impress me. But I can say The Leadership Trust? cannot be matched in effectiveness of positive character building. I was skeptical after reading the testimonials…but the one driving motivation I have now is to place my business as one of the best, so that when asked what turned everything around, I can say Holly and The Leadership Trust?. You are not just helping businesses, you are fixing people, and God has really blessed you with this talent.

    Billy Shelton II Owner, Altavista Lawn

    I knew all of my bad behaviors, but was blind to the negative impact they had on my organization and family. I really did not know who I was until The Leadership Trust? Workshop.

    Anonymous ,

    I was able to see the brilliance in me to see the brilliance in others. I now fully and honestly embrace the leader I was meant to be. This workshop is designed to unleash full human potential and offers a safe environment for each participant to go for it.

    Marina Amat, Ph.D. President/CEO, Amatea, LLC

    In the past I had been “trained” to divorce emotion from authority. In essence, that training compromised leadership. Through The Leadership Trust?, I learned how to lead, follow and “dance to the waltz of leadership to the music of emotion”. That is a beautiful thing.

    Jay Lawyer Executive District Sales Manager, AstraZeneca

    Powerful process; wonderful leader; incredible group interaction. Key insights into leadership values and a process for building leadership foundation and skills. Dr. Latty-Mann is the Michelangelo of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

    K.M.T. Vice President, General Counsel, SIECOR

    I was skeptical of the claims of this being a “life changing experience,” viewing them as marketing and sales hype. However, the Personalized Leadership Development Program? is exactly that. Rather than leading from someone else’s scripts, I lead authentically from my heart.

    Jim Morton President, J. Marion Sims Foundation

    This was the most powerful, insightful workshop I have ever been to in my life. I am going to be a better mother, better manager, better co-worker, better leader… better me.

    April Yeager Business Line Manager, Clariant Corporation

    This workshop took place at a critical time in my life. I was experiencing a yearning to change my approach to life, but did not know exactly what to do. This workshop gave me the tools, understanding and resolve to make the needed changes.

    Rhonda Copeland Director Purchasing, Abbott Labs

    I am a devout Christian, and I told Holly her workshop had brought about a deep spiritual transformation in my soul. I told her I know that God is clearly using her to change lives, offer hope and deepen people’s faith. If you truly want to deepen your faith, experience peace, joy and hope and live life abundantly, then you must attend this powerful and unique leadership program. Holly put words to my deepest thoughts and feelings. Her workshop ought to be called the “How to be the absolute best person you can possibly be” workshop.

    Philip Adkins, JD Managing Partner and President, Adkins Law Group

    I unexpectedly received two priceless additional gifts through this life-altering experience. I received a cure/resolution with regard to 1) anger management and 2) writer’s block. Having attended several workshops and individual counseling specifically for anger management, I found only my symptoms were treated which left me discouraged and no less angry. But through The Leadership Trust? and Dr. Latty-Mann’s incredible talent, for the first time in my life I got to the source, thereby giving me control of my life. Thank you for making such a difference – and for my family’s life, too.

    David Fleming Director of Operations, North State Storage

    This is the first time in 13 years that I have been virtually stress-free. Thank You!

    Mike Wilkie Manager/Editorial Content and Design, Lowe's Internet Business Group

    I understand who I am and how to connect my emotional mind with my cognitive brain. The combination of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and leadership is a welcomed and needed addition to the world of professional growth.

    Michelle Beavers, PhD Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership , Virginia State University

    I have attended numerous workshops over the years (professional selling skills, cultural, technical, academic, etc.), and this one is by far the most different and best within the context of personal improvement and leadership development. The other workshops I attended added tools for the box. The Personalized Leadership Development Program? offered me a whole new box. I admit that I had arrived a bit of a skeptic but left counting on a happier life and a more successful career.

    Gene Mueller Business Line Director, Clariant Corporation

    I can go forward now with more courage and knowledge than I had as a ten-year Navy Fighter Pilot.

    Neil Sullivan President, TopGun Development

    Even though I have $90,000 of schooling, I did not feel educated until I attended the PLDP

    Jon Alger Assistant Vice President, Bank of America

    Montessori for adults. Deep permanent change.

    Crystal Davis Strategic Planner, FBI

    I learned how to connect my mind to my heart. I learned where authentic leadership comes from. This has been a life-changing experience. I have finally discovered my true self which enables me to be a better parent, friend, son and leader.

    David Lyons Senior Manager, Markets Training and Development Leader, AstraZeneca

    I truly feel enlightened by this very dynamic program and feel it has changed my life very much for the better.

    William Thomas Engineering Manager, Abbott Laboratories

    Unexpectedly gripping and powerful. No executive should be without this experience. It will make your emotional intelligence shine

    Annie Pletcher Controller, Volvo IT North America

    Before this workshop I felt like I was holding my breath waiting for the worst to happen…I can now breathe, relax, smile, live. Thank you for my smile once again.

    Michele McLeskey Food Safety & Quality Manager, Basic American Foods - New Bern, NC

    It didn’t stop with identifying things I need to change. It equipped me with the capacity to change.

    Norman George Owner/Member, Creative School Development

    This workshop opened a new world of understanding ME, and how I can use ME in more positive ways – among others, at home and in professional life – and in so doing, be happier and more fulfilled.

    Len Preslar, Jr. Former President and CEO , North Carolina Baptist Hospitals

    I was a time bomb that joined the Marine Corps; that added a fuse. This workshop defused me and saved my life

    Charles Hancock Regional Head of IT Operations, North America, Clariant Corporation

    This is one workshop any executive of any industry cannot afford to not attend. I can also tell you that it helped me get over the loss of what I had felt to be the love of my life. This was more than a healing – I feel whole and at total peace now.

    Robert Roth CEO, SR VetCheck

    I connected with myself in a way that only this workshop would allow. If not for allowing myself these 5 days, I would have settled for less than my personal and professional best.

    Christine Kennedy VP Advocacy and Workforce, Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce

    It allowed me to face my fears, understand them, and change my behaviors. Excellent Program! If you want to improve your business and personal happiness and well being – come open minded!

    Darryl Threadgill Manufacturing Manager, Abbott Laboratories

    It has given me the strength to show that I care for the people who surround me.

    Monica Garrell Engineer, Embrex

    I’m a different person and will no doubt be a different leader. I am at peace. This is not an emotional response; it is genuine.

    M.Y., Ed.D Manager of Educational Services, Lowe's Companies, Inc.

    Changed my life beyond words! I know that I will always treat people differently from this week forward.

    Judy Sims Regional IT Customer Services Manager, Clariant Corporation

    Above and beyond my wildest dreams. Nothing will ever compare to the experience I had.

    Terry McAvoy Service Engineer, Mindready Solutions (USA)

    I learned things about myself that were holding me back and how to fix them!

    Lynn Price Head, IT Governance, North America, Clariant Corporation

    I now feel much more complete as a leader, follower, husband & father. I can’t wait for the rest of my life.

    Chris Dewar Director of Operational Development, Wake Forest University, Baptist Medical Center

    Unlike other leadership programs, this one helped me understand why I do what I do, then address changes. Other programs just talk about changes without getting to the root of the behavior that needs to be changed.

    P.M. Manager of Manufacturing Operations, Mitchel & Scott Machine Co, Inc.

    I came to it unwillingly, but I regretted when it ended. Truly, it’s one of the most positive experiences of my life and will help me personally and professionally.

    Dell Baker CPA, Bradshaw, Gordon & Clinkscales, LLC

    This workshop has given me the “tool kit” I need to empower my team into an effective, motivated group of people who want to give their all for the greater good of the team and company.

    Kent Jordan Director of Business Technology Services , Weck Closure Systems/Teleflex

    I found what I was searching for. It was so close all the time. I just couldn’t see it. I had looked for it in so many places that I was about to give up. This workshop opened a door that showed me that place.

    Alfred Melka Head of Leather, Business NAFTA, Clariant Corporation

    The honesty of the format – and the honest reflections that this format permitted me to experience – have been and will continue to be a catalyst for authentic change in my life.

    Melissa Birdsong Director of Trend Forecasting and Design , Lowe's Companies, Inc.

    The impact this workshop has had on me is significant! My direction for personal and professional improvement is so very clear, and I have been given the tools to move forward.

    Heather Johnson Senior Property Manager, Liberty Property Trust

    This workshop allowed me to see inside myself to identify barriers that I did not know existed or understood.

    T.G. Director of Information Systems, Champion Products

    This 5-day workshop, especially the self-awareness workshop, has helped me to feel safe about facing my fears and hurts.

    Terrie Knight On-Air Personality, Dick Broadcasting Company

    This workshop, like nothing I have ever experienced before, has given me the courage to confront the very things that have held me back for so many years. I am thankful I had the opportunity to experience this fairly early in my career. Others will experience the change in me and I know it will lead to change in them. Thank you for giving me this very special and priceless gift.

    D.W. Vice President - Marketing, United Way of Central Carolinas

    It has opened my eyes to the fact that most managers have a lot of the same problems and fears. This line of work appears to require one to hide most of his/her feelings, which causes some extra stress and personal problems.

    C.R. Director of Maintenance & Operations, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

    This workshop has shown me that what I experience in life is all about me. If my life is a mess, it’s all about me. To go through life expecting other people to make my life special is expecting too much of other people. It’s really all about me.

    Russell Acuff Project Manager , Volvo Trucks of North America

    This workshop was a moving, eye-opening, mind-opening experience that will create in me the tools and abilities to be my best. It will make me a more effective leader, and a better father and husband.

    W.R.W. II Regional Transaction Director, Wells Fargo - (Note: this participant is now CEO of a regional NC bank.)

    It freed me from a great many barriers I had placed on my life. It provided the tools I need to move forward with my life. It would take a book to describe how my life has been affected. I have a clearer sense of where I came from and where I need to go. Holly was an inspiration in showing how to find the value I hold.

    L.S. Division Controller, APAC-Virginia, Inc.

    You have just hired yourself a “salesperson”. I will be encouraging all of my customers and sending all key decision makers in my company to participate in this workshop. Thank you for changing my life. I needed your help.

    Rhonda Morgan General Manager, ATCOM

    This has been the best five days I have ever spent at anything. Truly moving and emotional and positive.

    Reynolds Becker Merchandise Manager , Lowe's Companies, Inc.

    Life changing… a whole new approach to my work and relationships.

    Stephen Van Mol Plant Manager, Abbott Laboratories

    Life changing. I was able to peel back the onion further, better understanding how my emotions and feelings are having a negative impact upon my followers. I will lose the fear of failure and be a more supportive and empowering leader. The personalized leadership development plans that we developed at the conclusion of the program will help me put my plans for change into action at the workplace and in other areas of my life.

    S.P. Assistant Dean for Executive Education, Wake Forest University

    This is probably the single, most important educational training development that I have gone through in my life. Excellent.

    L.W. Sales Manager, Betty Machine Co.

    What an incredible experience. I can now live every aspect of my life to its fullest.

    Teri Brom Director of Human Resources, Weck Closure Systems/Teleflex

    I understand others and myself much better now than I did 5 days ago. This understanding / awareness I now have is perhaps the last tool I need to be successful as a leader. I will only fail as a leader if I fail to implement this powerful tool.

    E.W. Vice President - Operations, Fibertech

    I have been impacted to the core of my being. I had emotion stimulated in me that if not discovered could have me yearning for the rest of my life. This was invaluable. Thank you. Now let me go live.

    Erik Halvorsen General Manager, GC Partners, Inc.

    I have finally gotten in touch with some core self beliefs that had limited me both personally and professionally. With these new awarenesses, my future is much brighter in both areas. This workshop has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

    Robert Roesch Director of Engineering, NWN

    It has opened the world to me. When I was 18, I attended a 21-day Outward Bound course that affected my personal life from then on. This workshop will affect the rest of my business AND personal life.

    Ronald Bodkin Director of Construction Services , The Dilweg Companies

    By far the most valuable, self-revealing workshop in my career. More importantly, I’m now a positively changed person with real tools to improve my personal and leadership style.

    M.R. Director of Marketing, Corning Cable Systems

    The impact was significant. The workshop made me feel fresh and youthful.

    Lincoln Baker Plant Controller, Abbott Laboratories

    Very powerful. I have made the breakthrough.

    Jim Brinks VP/GM, Clariant Corporation

    Holly’s body of knowledge and work is “without equal” and matched only by her love and compassion, not only for what she does, but for people too. I’ve been saying for 18 years now that the Self Awareness Workshop should be a prerequisite for being human. If this emotional intelligence format were taught to young adults in school, our world would be a profoundly better place.

    Kevin Driver Director, Human Resources, Valley View Medical Center

    The payback for my company was realized within the first week back, and the rest has been ‘gravy.’ Best investment my company could have made. This is the only workshop that inspires such a strong desire to change dysfunctional, deeply-rooted behaviors that you know you will succeed. My relationship with my wife was good before, but now it is awesome. She can see that an “empty nest” social life with me is not only possible, but will be great fun as well. My life is now whole. If anyone ever asks me if you can really make big changes, my answer now will be, “Yes, you can, if you want.”

    Chuck Ruth Director of Marketing, Robert Bosch, LLC

    I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of my Leadership Trust experience. It has made a huge impact in my life as a husband, father, son, brother and employee. Thank You.

    Solly Fulp Senior Vice President, CRM, ISP/America's Home for College Sports

    Going to that workshop and meeting all of you simply changed my life. I have changed; my attitudes and expectations have changed. Every day I feel joy. My self-concept has changed. I trust myself and my instincts in ways that I never could before and I know that I am strong. I am defined by my actions and reactions everyday, by what I believe and how I treat others. I am defined by how I love others.
    (Excerpt from writing her group, used with permission.)

    Carla Copeland Senior Buyer, AKG of America

    I had no libido to speak of when I arrived the first day of my PLDP, and part of that problem could have been linked to the antidepressants I was taking at that time. Before the last day of the workshop I couldn’t wait to hurry up and get home to my husband. Admittedly I worried how long this would last. Enough time has now gone by that I can say without reservation that it was this workshop that put me on the path that restored my libido, my sanity, my drug-free health, and my marriage. [My husband]is probably still giving testimonials to his friends and strangers alike, for their wives.

    Name withheld by request ,

    It was most gratifying to have a key player in our organization return and tell me that this leadership workshop was the best gift anyone had ever given her. She truly appreciated our investment in her and I am experiencing her changes as profound and genuine.

    Robert S. Dendy, Jr. President & CEO, HumanKind (Formerly Presbyterian Homes & Family Services)

    I became aware of who I really am and what I need to do to have the professional and personal life that I look to achieve. Because of this workshop experience, I am coaching and counseling managers in our company more effectively.

    Cary Campbell VP Human Resources, Clariant Corporation

    There has not been a more profound experience in guiding my personal and professional lives than The Leadership Trust? workshop. Instead of your typical lecture on how to run a business, how to increase your willpower or how to close the next deal, Holly Latty-Mann takes a completely different approach. She inspires participants to make fundamental changes at the deepest personal levels, for which I am an exuberant walking testimony years later.

    Lana Calloway President, Exhibit Resources

    When I graduated from this workshop back in 2005, I remember thinking as I walked out of the room that my future has just shifted significantly as a result of this course. After all, who I am professionally (outwardly) is ultimately expanded or limited by who I am personally. I also realized something that would have always kept me from being great; how could I ever expect to understand other people if I didn’t truly understand myself? Its true that I do see others differently now because I see myself differently. I would have never recognized that my greatest obstacle in my life was me. What kind of leader (husband, father, friend, brother, son) would I have been and what kind of leader will I be now. Not because I took a motivational workshop or read the book of the month, but because I changed who I am by understanding AND experiencing why/how I am. You can’t get that from a book, and neither can you get that from all those traditional MBA-based leadership workshops out there.

    It was only a matter of a few months before I received my first post-workshop promotion. It so impacted my life that my wife Kris noticed the change and wanted to experience it, too. So I sent her to their weekend Self-Awareness Workshop. We now share a common conceptual framework and vocabulary that has made our good relationship a great one. Even now, 3 years later, we have worked to keep what we got out of our workshop experience alive. We’ve now been blessed with a beautiful daughter and we know we are better parents for the same reason we are better mates. We are going to work even harder to ensure that she grows up understanding what we have learned together. I should add that we still work at it every day because we like what we get back when we do. This course was a light in the darkness for me and truly an emotional and life changing experience.

    Doug Gabbard Market Research, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

    And now a few words from Doug’s wife Kris as she writes directly to her workshop facilitator:

    I look at my life and the roles I get to be. I’m a woman, a wife, a mom, a friend, a professional, a sister, a daughter and so much more. I look at these roles and I can honestly say that I am better at each of these things because of the life changing tools you gave me in a two day period of time. I know that I have helped myself, and Doug has helped me, but you have helped both of us be the happy people we are today.

    Kris Gabbard Doug's wife, Attended Self-Awareness Workshop

    Attending the Self Awareness Workshop (SAW) was one of the most significant experiences of my adult life. The entire program was fantastic, but the most compelling aspect of the workshop for me was that it forced me to look inward as opposed to outward. Like many executives in corporate America, my left brain (analytical) typically dictated my actions. I have found this to be true in both my professional life as well as my personal life. What I realized throughout the workshop is that my right brain (creative) actually has more to offer. Authentic, untapped potential, that has helped me improve in all aspects of my life.

    Dr. Latty-Mann provided an unbelievably comfortable setting for this exploration. Her insights, explanations, and cutting edge techniques were remarkable. The setting and program content allowed me to identify my true self. Having the opportunity to actually share those insights with others in the workshop was unexpectedly empowering. I felt a genuine sense of relief, clarity, and strength as I paved my way through this incredible journey, and I continue to feel this to this day.

    The hours flew by, and when it was over, I found myself craving more.

    As an executive, who has spent an entire career managing people, I felt like this was the “missing link” I have been seeking. I always knew that characteristics like compassion, understanding, listening, and communication should be at the forefront of all relationships. However, what I have found is that these components are usually outweighed by expectations, quotas, convincing/persuading, and blocked emotions. I always felt like I had an advantage over other managers because of my compassion and my ability to connect with others. What I know now is that I was missing the connection with “myself”. I was missing the connection between my head and my heart. I have that now. I was well read, well spoken, well respected, and had a history of exceeded expectations. However, I always had a sense that there was something missing.

    There’s an old saying; “create distinction or face extinction”. This is now more prevalent in business than ever before. Self-awareness will help you create that all important distinction that all leaders and companies strive to achieve. In sales specifically, overcoming objections is the number one deterrent to closing the deal. One of the most prevalent objections that needs to be overcome is self doubt and lack of self confidence. After attending the workshop, I have a renewed and authentic sense of self confidence. I have put this into play already, and closed a major deal just one week removed from the workshop, something I unequivocally attribute to the gains from this program. I am more empowered than ever with this new focus. It’s like a laser beam that helps me increase revenues for my organization, as well as lead me to higher levels of success.

    I found self-awareness key to uncovering and unleashing the best ME. Until you dive deep and find your “authentic self”, you can not begin to realize your ultimate potential.

    Tony Caico Sales, GST Global

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